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While the lengthy and riveting main quest is sure to keep you busy, God of War Ragnarök also has an abundance of Favors – side-quests that offer a variety of rewards. If you've wrapped up the main mission "The Word of Fate", you'll discover that you can now speak to Ratatoskr at Sindri's House. This mystical squirrel is hanging out to the right of the realm travel door, and he will offer you a Favor called "The Lost Lindwyrms," which will task you with tracking down and capturing six escaped Lindwyrms.

As soon as the quest begins, you'll want to first pick up the trap sitting just below Ratatoskr. This item is necessary to be able to automatically capture the Lindwyrms, so don't leave it behind. Once you have that collected, you'll be seeking out some Yggdrasil Rifts. Much like in the first game, these small rifts sometimes spawn enemies that you need to fight to earn the reward within, but six rifts found across Svartalfheim and Vanaheim contain the Lindwyrms you're after, so you can only interact with them after accepting this Favor for Ratatoskr.

God of War Ragnarök Lost Lindwyrm locations

  • The first Yggdrasil Rift you need is located in Svartalfheim at The Forge. You'll need to use your Draupnir Spear on the yellow spot on a rock here to swing over and access the rift and trap the Lindwyrm that will burst out.
  • The second Yggdrasil Rift is also located in Svartalfheim in Alberich Hollow. You can access this one on a ledge directly after fighting a boss named Ormstunga. Given that this area is very straightforward, this Lindwyrm is a quick and easy one to grab.
  • The third Yggdrasil Rift is located in Svartalfheim on a platform between Alberich Island and the small landmass out in the river. You'll need to use your Draupnir Spear to blow up some nearby rocks on the landmass to reveal a grapple point that you can use to reach the platform and snag the Lindwyrm.
  • The fourth Yggdrasil Rift is located in Svartalfheim in The Applecore near the realm travel door. In this area, you'll note a spot you can throw your Draupnir Spear at a yellow spot, which you can then use to reach a new area and claim the Lindwyrm.
  • The fifth Yggdrasil Rift is located in Vanaheim in The Plains. It's found pretty easily north of where you fight The Crimson Dread, so head there to find it, then reach in and yank out that Lindwyrm.
  • The sixth and final Yggdrasil Rift is located in Vanaheim in The Plains. This one is at a dead end accessible by climbing ledge to the right of the nearby realm travel door, so head there and get this final Lindwyrm.

With all of the Lindwyrms in tow, you can head back to Ratatoskr at Sindri's House and turn it in. For all of your hard work, you'll earn yourself plenty of XP, a Gale Flame for upgrading your Draupnir Spear, some Lindwyrm Scales, and the "Rightful Place" trophy.

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