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GTA Online, the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto 5, is getting a brand new update today that’s going to bring a suite of new features and missions to the game. Dubbed the Los Santos Drug Wars update, this will reintroduce Nervous Ron and his friends as they try to sell psychoactive substances.

You can expect a new business enterprise, new vehicles, new missions, and upgrades for your existing hard-earned empire. You can expect Los Santos Drug Wars to be the first taste of the content that’ll be trickling into GTA Online this holiday season, as there will be more minor updates to come before the year finishes.

If you want to play GTA Online’s Los Santos Drug Wars update as soon as possible, just read through our tips below to know when it’s available for you.

GTA Online Los Santos Drug War release times

GTA Online players will enjoy a simultaneous global release for this update across all platforms – as far as we’re aware. As always, delays could happen, but as long as everything goes according to plan, here’s when you should be able to play the Los Santos Drug Wars in your time zone. All times are for December 13 unless otherwise specified.

  • PST: 3am
  • EST: 6am
  • GMT: 11am
  • CET: 12pm
  • IST: 4:30pm
  • CST: 7pm
  • JST: 8pm
  • AEDT: 10pm
  • NZST: 12am, December 14

As long as your GTA Online game is updated and online at the times above, you should be able to instantly get started with GTA Online’s Los Santos Drug War update.

In addition to new vehicles, this update will also introduce ray-traced reflections to the game’s Fidelity Mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. On top of that, you can now take on Casino Story MIssions completely solo, if you prefer. Not bad for a free update.

For all of the details on what's coming in this update, see Rockstar's site.