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Harvestella’s strange world is a mystery to most, including those living in it, but there’s one thing that absolutely everyone you meet knows: Don’t go outside during Quietus. Also known as the season of death, the world is a dark and horrid place during quietus – quite the opposite of the bright and colorful world you see the rest of the year.

Every 30 days – at the end of each season – the world will experience one day of Quietus before the next season begins. During this time ash will rain from the sky and everyone will be locked up tight in their homes. People advise you to do the same, but you’re special. You’re the protagonist.

For plot-based reasons, you are not affected by the deadly consequences of Quietus, and thus it’s completely safe for you to come out during that time. There isn’t much to do though. All your crops die during Quietus and if you go to Lethe Village everyone will simply scold you for being outside.

There is, however, a secret dungeon that is only available during Quietus. We’ll tell you where to find it and what goodies you might discover inside.

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Quietus dungeon location - Harvestella

Harvestella farm map

You don’t even have to leave your farm to go to this dungeon, as it’s waiting for you near to your house. Starting from the entrance to your house, walk directly south until you reach the wall, then go west until you find an opening, this will lead you to a path with a well. There is a fast travel point next to it, so activate it for future use.

If you come to this well on any other day of the year it will be completely useless to you, but during Quietus it is the entrance to this unique dungeon.

Quietus dungeon loot - Harvestella

Harvestella fishing in the Quietus dungeon

Finding this dungeon is all well and good, but why should you bother with it? Well, aside from some story stuff that we won’t spoil, this is a great way to stock up on valuable items, get rare loot, and do some serious power-leveling before the new season starts.

This is a procedurally generated dungeon with multiple floors – like Stardew Valley’s Skull Cavern. When you first enter your party will be summoned to join you, and the first floor will have a fishing spot and a way to travel home if you want. However, the main feature is the glowing well that looks like the same one you used to enter the dungeon.

Interact with this and you’ll be taken to the next floor, which will be full of several wells that all look the same. Interact with each of them and you’ll discover what’s inside. It could be one of a few things including:

  • Treasure
  • Monsters
  • Nothing
  • Transport to the next floor

Once you’ve dived down you’ll find fast travel points at the start of every floor, but make sure you bring a Return Bell anyway, as the enemies can get pretty tough in here. Time will pass normally in this dungeon too, so keep an eye on the clock to ensure you don’t pass out.

The dungeon seems to go on infinitely, or at least if there is an end, we haven’t found it yet.