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Helldivers 2: all enemy types and their weaknesses

Full list of every enemy type in Helldivers 2

The galaxy is a dangerous place, full of bugs trying to slice you limb from limb, and when they’re not an issue, the robots are rising up trying to overthrow humanity from all they control. To save the galaxy from these anti-democratic threats, you need to now what you’re up against, especially when you’re tasked with taking down specific enemy types.

We’ll run through every type of enemy on Helldivers 2 and how best to take them down.

Terminid enemy types in Helldivers 2

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Terminids come in two varieties, the regular limb-tearing kind, and the bile kind. The second kind still like to tear limbs off of your body, but they can also burn you alive with acid.

Here is every Terminid enemy type:


These are the small bugs that constantly pester you, and they have the ability to attract other Terminids towards you, so it’s best to deal with them quickly. Thankfully, just about any weapon will squish them in one or two shots.


These are your standard attack class of Terminid. They charge towards you as quickly as possible and start slicing. Their shells have a bit of armor, but nothing too strong, just keep your distance as best you can and blast them away with rifles or shotguns if they get too close.


These can be an annoying enemy, as they use their wings to launch themselves towards you with great speed. At the very least, they are quite weak, so if you spot one, shoot it before it has a chance to pounce.

Hive Guard

Hive Guards are heavily armored enemies; so much so that any bullet hitting it from the front will bounce right off, try to shoot its underside, or flank it. Useful for this is that they hunker down when under fire, giving you a chance to move around.


Stalkers can get you into trouble really fast. They can camouflage on terrain, but things like smoke grenades can flush them out – as can good old-fashioned explosions. They can stick you with their tongues from a distance but are thankfully quite weak to bullets of all varieties, something you can provide in ample supply.

Bile Spewer

Does what it says on the tin. These big bloated bugs spew a load of bile at you. As you might have guessed, their bulging backsides are their weakness, but a well-placed grenade will do the job faster than your bullets.

Bile Titan

Imagine a Bile Spewer but bigger, faster, and harder to kill – that’s a Bile Titan. These enemies are extremely difficult to take down thanks to their armor, but the green glowing underside is a convenient weak spot. Still, it might be better to call in an Orbital Strike than try to take this thing down with bullets alone.


You’ll never guess what this one does. These are very big and heavily armored enemies, and if one is hunting you down there’s not much bullets alone can do. We recommend you use all the explosives you can find, but if you only have a gun to hand, a shotgun is the best as it has weak spots on its side.

Brood Commander

These tough enemies are often found around nests and egg deposits, so it’s no surprise that they can summon more bugs to swarm you in an instant. It’s not as impervious to bullets as other Terminids, but we’d still recommend using your biggest explosives to take it out before it can call in reinforcements.

Automaton enemy types in Helldivers 2

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The Automatons also come in two varieties, as Scorcher versions of some troops will set you ablaze if you let them.

Here is every Automataon enemy type:


These come in a couple of varieties, some favoring ranged weapons, others melee, and even a few explosives. Still, they are the basic Automaton troop, so bullets will be quick to put them down, and as you’d expect, headshots kill them the quickest.


These enemies have both ranged and melee attacks, plus they fly around on jetpacks, which they can use to quickly ambush you, or flee in a hurry. Picking them off from afar will make life much easier for you.

Scout Strider

Striders are the two-legged mechs about twice your height that run around the battlefield. They’re heavily armored from the front, so do your best to get around the back, where a giant weak spot waits. If this means you have to use an ally as bait, so be it.


If you’re having trouble identifying a Berserker, look for the giant chainsaw arms as they slice your torso down the middle. Thankfully the pilots of these mechs have their heads exposed, so a few well-placed shots will do the trick.


Like the Berserkers, the Devastators have exposed heads from the front, and they usually move slower than their counterparts. You’ll need to avoid their gunfire, but they aren’t too tricky to take out.


This is where the Automaton army gets tricky to handle. Hulks are armed with machine guns, grenade launchers, and sometimes even flamethrowers, and the only true weak spot is a vent on their back. If you can target it they’ll go down fast, but you might be better off relying on explosives to do the job.


There’s nothing clever about this one, it’s just a literal tank. It’s heavily armored and able to blow you away in a heartbeat should you cross its path. It too has a vent on the back that can be exploited, but you’d be better off hitting it with an Orbital Strike just to be safe.