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Hogwarts Legacy transmog: how to change appearance and put your hood up

Hogwarts Legacy has all sorts of crazy gear you can wear, and you're thankfully able to customize how all of it looks
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The wizarding world has a unique fashion sense, and you finally get to be a style icon in Hogwarts Legacy. You’ll be constantly changing gear throughout the game as you level up and slowly improve your stats. However, that doesn’t mean you constantly have to look like a mess with random clothes donning your body. Here's how to change how you look in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you’ve picked up a type of gear, you can use its appearance whenever you want, regardless of what you’re actually wearing, meaning you can go with the look that suits you. If you want to look nice and moody though, you can also put your hood up on any cloak that has them. The game never tells you how to do this, but we will.

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How to change appearance and transmog gear – Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy gear customization menu

You can choose the appearance of any gear you've previously acquired.

Here are the steps you need to take to use DLC gear or change the look to any gear you've previously found in Hogwarts Legacy: 

  • In your gear menu, hover over whichever piece of clothing you’d like to customize, then press Square on PS5 or X on Xbox. 
  • This will bring up a menu showing you all of the cosmetic options you have at your disposal. 
  • In the top section will be all those you’ve unlocked via collections like the House Fanatic Robe you can get by linking your Wizarding World account
  • Below that will be the appearances of all the gear you’d found via random loot.
  • You can select any look you like and your gear will adopt its appearance while keeping the stats of what’s underneath.

How to put your hood up – Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy gear menu

With your hood up you can stay warm during the cold Scottish winters.

If you want to look like a cool assassin, a dark wizard in training, or a moody teen, then you’ll have the option to raise your hood on any cloak that has one. For this, hover over your cloak in the gear menu and press Triangle on PS5 or Y on Xbox to raise or lower the hood. You can do this while you have headwear on, but it won’t be visible with your hood up. Additionally, wearing a scarf will change how the cloak looks with the hood up, so experiment with making the scarf invisible. 

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