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Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors: how to open the number doors

The question mark doors in Hogwarts Legacy can be quite confusing when you first see them, but we'll explain how they work

Wondering what the Hogwarts Legacy number doors are all about? Terrified of doing maths? We've got you covered. 

As you wander the halls of Hogwarts you’ll quickly encounter some strange doors with numbers and question marks on them. On them is a blackboard with pictures of various magical creatures on the doorframe. 

Interacting with these doors will bring up two circles with numbers and pictures on the outside, surrounding a big number in the middle. There will also be a circle on each, one with a '?' inside and another with a '??'. At this point, your brain is probably going, '?????'. 

Upon further inspection around the puzzle doors, you'll find two interactive circles on the wall close by, each one representing the two question mark gaps on the door. You can flip these to make them look like various creatures. 

If you’re stumbling across one of these for the first time, you’ll likely be clueless as to what to do, as there is no indication of how to solve the puzzle. Never fear though, as we’re here to explain how they work.

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How to solve door puzzles – Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legaxy puzzle door explained

Puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy work by adding up the numbers on the outside.

To solve the number puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy all you need to do is a bit of basic addition and subtraction - yes, math. All three points on the edge of the circle represent numbers that you must add together to result in the number in the middle, it's as simple as that.

This is fine when the numbers are nice and obvious, but the pictures of monsters are a little more confusing. There's seemingly no indication of what creature represents what number, so it seems like you can't do much more than guess.

Thankfully, hidden away in the rafters of Hogwarts, we found a cheat sheet that shows what number each creature represents:

Hogwarts Legaxy puzzle door cheat sheet

Each monster represents a different number in these puzzles.

You can memorize this if you like, but you'll notice that you can count clockwise in how they're positioned around the doorframe, from 0 to 9. Just remember to count from zero, not one. The number seemingly refers to certain key features of the creature in question. A spider has eight legs, a unicorn has one horn, and so on, although that logic seems tenuous for some of them - looking at you, number 4.

Knowing this, you should easily be able to add up the numbers and work out which creature you need to set the question mark displays to.