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Homeworld 3 PC requirements revealed

Space is vast, glorious, and pretty forgiving
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Players can finally dive into Homeworld 3 in February 2024, continuing the epic space saga in the iconic RTS series’ next chapter. Blackbird Interactive and Gearbox have released the PC requirements for the upcoming game, showing interested players way ahead of time whether their systems will be able to handle this stellar campaign.

Naturally, Homeworld 3 features vast space maps in which several fleets will maneuver around in, firing colorful beams and missiles that lead to spectacular explosions as ships get torn apart. In addition to all of these effects, Homeworld 3’s maps feature a ton of terrain objects – space is not as empty as it once was and is filled with asteroids, derelict wrecks of ancient space hulks, and other interesting doodads players can use as cover.

Homeworld 3 screenshot.

Don't stay zoomed into combat for too long, otherwise you may miss key movements.

Despite all of that, Homeworld 3’s minimum required PC specs actually look pretty modest. You can take a look at the graphic asset below.

Homeworld 3 PC specs

Homeworld 3 PC requirements table.

Homeworld 3 looks pretty manageable for any modern PC.

Those recommended specs for medium graphics settings are nothing out of the ordinary by the standards of the day, which hopefully means that as many people as possible will be able to run the game on their systems.

Homeworld 3 supports all of the fun GPU technologies of the day, being able to make use of FSR and DLSS on units that support these techs.

Optimization seemed alright the last time I got to play Homeworld 3 to check out War Games, its brand-new and shiny roguelike co-op mode, but my system is definitely more situated in the upper crust of the options listed above.

There is currently no console version planned for the game, so the developers should have been able to completely focus on the PC launch.