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Homeworld 3 reveals story focus and key characters

A phantom menace is rising
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A new story trailer for Homeworld 3 has debuted during Opening Night Live at gamescom 2023, showing what the upcoming sci-fi RTS game’s campaign will be all about. Peace and prosperity have followed in the decades after the events of Homeworld 2, bringing a Golden Age to many of the galaxy’s worlds and especially the Hiigaran civilization.

However, strange reports continue to be brought to high command nowadays: Some unknown dark mass seems to steadily expand, devouring stars, planets, and ships alike. A Hiigaran fleet sent to investigate the matter has not returned and lost contact with home base. Strange ships from a faction that calls itself the Incarnate have been sighted, reacting with hostility to everyone trying to make contact with them. Once again, the Hiigaran’s hard-won peace seems to be under threat and players will have to turn the tide.

Players will command a fleet tasked with establishing contact with the initial expedition as well as investigating the strange dark mass. Two key characters on this journey will be fleet commander Imogen S’jet and Isaac Paktu, who commands the fleet’s flagship. Homeworld 3’s campaign will be a bit more cinematic than those of its predecessors, which were primarily narrated through simple voice lines coming from the ships of your fleet. This time, modern cutscenes featuring the protagonists will help players connect with the story.

This is part of a bigger drive to give players a deeper connection to their units along with changes to how ships interact with each other through the communication channels.

Homeworld 3 is set to be released in February 2024 on PC after a third delay. Like the first two games in the series, Homeworld 3 focuses on delivering epic space combat in three dimensions, enabling hobby tacticians to fully use the freedom of space to their advantage.

In the meantime, you can dive into the ground combat-based Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, which is going to be free to claim for a week through the Epic Games Store starting on August 24, 2023.