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Dedicated Call of Duty players have heard rumors about nukes in the game for a while, but it hadn’t been found. Until now. If you can fulfill a fairly high set of requirements, you can find and use the nuke in Warzone 2.0.

The world’s first nuke in Warzone 2 was discovered by a team of players including Stellar, who updated a full video of the game in which the nuke was found to their YouTube channel.

For full instructions on how to be just like Stellar and access the nuke in Warzone 2, just follow our instructions below. All images in this guide are from Stellar’s video, so make sure to watch it in full for an enjoyable and tense match.

Nuke requirements – COD Warzone 2

glhf warzone 2 stellar nuke (2)

The requirements are very steep in order to drop a nuke. For the nuke and its materials to even be present in your game, you need to achieve something that most Warzone players never do.

In order to access the nuke, you must win five consecutive Warzone 2 battle royale games. Yes, five consecutive wins. Considering many players give up before ever seeing their first victory, it’s an incredibly steep price, but it’s also necessary to ensure that the nuke is a rarity.

Once five consecutive games have been won, your sixth match will give you a chance to achieve Champion’s Domination. This is limited to champions, and if you can win five consecutive games, you’ve earned that right. However, even then you won’t be able to assemble and activate the nuke easily.

How to get the nuke – COD Warzone 2

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