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Last Epoch: Sanctum of the Architect location

How to reach the Sanctum of the Architect in Last Epoch

The world of Last Epoch is extremely big, with a lot of locations to get through, and it doesn’t help that not all of them are labeled on the map, as you need to progress through other areas to reach them – and that’s not even mentioning the different eras you have to travel through.

The Sanctum of the Architect is one such location that’s easy to miss, even if you’ve already been through it once before. We’ll show you where to find it so can complete your quest, whether that’s to kill Architect Liath or simply to fulfill a Prophecy in Last Epoch.

Where to find the Sanctum of the Architect in Last Epoch

Last Epoch

Sanctum of the Architect is found in the Divine Era, but you can’t head straight there from the map. Instead, you need to pass through the Temple of Lagon in the Isle of Storm region of the map.

The Temple of Lagon will eventually lead you to the Temple Depths, and once you’ve worked all the way through that area you’ll come out in the Sanctum of the Architect, where you can complete whatever your mission here is.

As for what you can expect to find, this is a Level 53 area, and there is a heavy focus on Lighting-based damage, so bringing resistance to that would be ideal. The last thing to note is that, when you want to leave, make sure you use the portal back to town so you can return easily, without having to go through the Temple of Lagon again.