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Lies of P: Legion Plug locations and Legion Arm crafting

Unlock new devices for use in combat in Lies of P

Lies of P lets you use devices known as Legion Arms. At the start, only the Left Arm of Steel, which does a very basic left hook, is available. Then, once you reach Hotel Krat, you’ll gain access to the Puppet String, which can pull enemies toward you. The rest, however, require various materials, but they offer unique benefits including elemental damage and bolstered defenses.

Our guide discusses how to craft Legion Arms using Legion Plugs in Lies of P. Moreover, once you’ve unlocked a few, you might want to obtain their upgrades as well. These Legion Arm upgrades require Legion Calibers instead. Lastly, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers.

How to craft Legion Arms in Lies of P

 Several Legion Arms are shown in a menu.

You can craft Lies of P Legion Arms by using the Venigni Craft Machine in Hotel Krat. Upon selecting a device, you'll unlock its default function and you can switch to it via the machine or a Stargazer.

Two Legion Arms require items dropped by bosses. The rest, meanwhile, require Legion Plugs, which are obtained as you progress further in the campaign.

All Legion Arms in Lies of P

A player is fighting the Scrapped Watchman boss.
A player is fighting the King’s Flame Fuoco boss.
A Legion Arm called Falcon Eyes is shown in a menu.

All Legion Plug Locations in Lies of P

A player is seen looking at a small opening below a ledge.
A player opens a safe that contains a Legion Plug.
A player looks at a chest on the other side of a lobby while an enemy approaches.
A player looks at an ogre-type enemy that’s attempting to bash down a door.

These are all the Lies of P Legion Plugs and craftable Legion Arms. Once you've acquired all of these contraptions, you'll earn the “Legion Arm Collector” achievement, too.