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Lies of P: Legion Caliber locations and Legion Arm upgrades

Upgrade your Legion Arm’s capabilities in Lies of P

You can obtain upgrades for your Lies of P Legion Arms by using Legion Caliber items. These materials can be collected as you progress further into the campaign.

Our guide discusses how to upgrade Legion Arms and find Legion Caliber in Lies of P. Do take note that Legion Arms must be unlocked first before you can upgrade them. As such, you should first look for crafting items called Legion Plugs. Lastly, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers.

How to upgrade Legion Arms and find Legion Caliber in Lies of P

As noted earlier, Lies of P Legion Arm upgrades require Legion Caliber items. Upon obtaining one, you can use the Venigni Craft Machine in Hotel Krat. Select a device that you want to modify to obtain higher-tier perks. Bear in mind that the cost of Legion Calibers increases the higher the upgrade tier.

In any case, our Lies of P Legion Caliber guide is divided into several categories. We take note of Legion Caliber items acquired through vendor purchases, Cryptic Vessel clues, and those from various locations that you'll visit as part of the campaign.

All Legion Caliber locations in Lies of P

Here's our list of all locations where you can obtain Legion Caliber items in Lies of P, be it by purchasing them from an NPC, getting them from Cryptic Vessels, or finding them in various places from chests or enemy drops.

A menu shows a vendor’s wares with a Legion Caliber selected.
A player picks up a Legion Caliber and Life Amulet+1 from a chest
A player runs toward a chest, only to get hit by blow dart traps.
A player is standing on a wooden beam. A chest on a lower ledge is also visible.