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Lies of P: Parade Master boss fight guide

How to quickly get to the Hotel Krat in Lies of P

Lies of P is a soulslike game featuring ‘choices matter’ elements based on the story of Pinocchio. Just like all soulslike games, it features a number of very difficult bosses, which can take you a long time in order to master. If you’re struggling to defeat the game’s bosses, like the first boss The Parade Master, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Parade Master boss fight.

The Parade Master – Lies of P

The Parade Master is the game’s first boss and can be found right after the second Stargazer in the Krat Station area called “Ceransani Alley”. As the first boss fight you won’t have all the combat tools at your disposal yet, but there are still a few things you can do to make this easier. There aren’t many weapons to choose from at the start, but there are three at your disposal. Which one you will want to use will depend on your playstyle.

Lies of P Parade Master

The Parade Master is essentially Lies of P's tutorial boss.

If you are someone who dodges rather than blocks, you will likely want the Wintry Rapier, which can be gained by choosing ‘The Way of the Bastard’ at the start. If you like to guard and parry, the Greatsword of Fate is probably your best bet, and you get it by choosing ‘The Way of the Sweeper’ at the start. The final sword is the Puppet’s Saber, and gives a balance of both styles. Don’t worry if you think you’ve chosen the wrong one, as all three are purchasable from the Wandering Merchant near the Stargazer for 300 Ergo each.

The Parade Master is weak to Electricity and so you’ll want to have a stock of elemental weapons on hand, and equipped to your bag. The merchant also sells Electric Blitz Abrasives and Throwing Cells but in a limited quantity. You can pick up more Throwing Cells as random drops from enemies, but the Abrasive is special. You can use this in battle to give your weapon extra electric-type damage, but it’s a good idea to try the boss a few times first, figure out his pattern and what weapon you want to use before spending resources.

For those new to soulslikes the Wintery Rapier is probably your best bet. Tapping the right trigger releases a quick attack with a stepback that will keep you out of danger. If you are more confident in your skills, then you might want to go for a weapon with more damage output. Remember that if you attack after a guard, then you will get your health back.

This one is mostly about learning the pattern, but it is a fairly slow boss, so it’s easy to time attacks. When you see an opening that is a bit longer, you can do a Fable Art attack – the buttons for this are shown in the bottom right-hand corner – but the extra damage comes with the downside of a long vulnerable animation. Using your Legion Arm punch is a bit safer – by tapping the left trigger – but know that you will have to be very close to land a hit.

With Electric damage on your side the Parade Master shouldn’t be too difficult, and will give you access to the Krat Hotel.

The Parade Leader’s Ergo – Lies of P

Once defeated The Parade Master will drop his Ergo, which you can use to gain 5k Ergo for a few level-ups. However, if you can hold on to it, you can trade it to Alidoro – an NPC you meet later in the game – for either a weapon or an amulet.

He’ll offer you either the Seven-Coil Spring Sword which is a Greatsword based on Motivity with 129 base attack, or the Dancing One’s Amulet, which allows you to dodge even when at low stamina. While the sword is powerful, it cannot be disassembled, and you will find even stronger weapons later in the game. The Amulet can be very useful, particularly if you are going for a Technique-based build, but be warned that it is heavy, and you’ll have to invest a lot in capacity to use it.