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Lies of P: The Mad Donkey boss fight guide

Beat the Mad Donkey and free Geppetto

Lies of P has three different types of enemies, and The Mad Donkey is the first time we meet the second type – Stalkers. Stalkers are the few remaining humans who have made it through the plague, and they are not very friendly to the puppets they meet. Bad news Pinocchio.

Here’s how to take down the Mad Donkey in Lies of P.

The Mad Donkey – Lies of P

Unlike the last boss fight we met – The Parade Master – The Mad Donkey is human and therefore weak to Acid, an element we don’t have access to yet. Humans also have very different ways to fight them compared to puppets. They are smaller and quicker, making them far harder to dodge. It is possible to defeat The Mad Donkey by dodging, running away and using the stepback attack from Wintery Rapier, but guarding is the easier way to go.

Before we take on The Mad Donkey it’s best to unlock the shortcut to the nearest Stargazer “Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard”. Before you get to the bridge that the Mad Donkey is on, you will notice some sword-wielding puppets bust through a door. At the start of the bridge you will see a strung up puppet wearing a ‘Purge Puppets’ sign. 

Lies of P Mad Donkey bridge Purge Puppets

The Mad Donkey boss fight in Lies of P is on this bridge.

Before you start fighting the donkey, head back to where these puppets were. If you go through the door you’ll find a lift, and activating this will let you open a shortcut right next to the Stargazer here. With good timing you can run past these puppets and head to the boss fight without fighting anyone.

There is also a Merchant here selling an Electric Coil Stick, this will be a helpful weapon for later bosses but is less useful here. It’s good for clearing out puppets in the area though, which you might want to grab it for. He also sells Throwing Cells and Electric Blitz Canisters which drop to the ground and shock those who step on them. While the Mad Donkey isn’t weak to these, they will allow you to maintain some distance if you need to.

Lies of P Electric Blitz Canister

Electric Blitz Canisters will come in handy for the fight.

In preparing for this fight, you will want to talk to Eugénie at Hotel Krat and upgrade your blade. As guarding makes this fight easier you will likely want to use the Greatsword of Fate or the Puppet’s Saber, as these weapons are better at guarding. Make sure the Puppet’s String is equipped as well as your new Legion arm, as it can be helpful on this fight.

Lies of P Mad Donkey

Come prepared for the Mad Donkey boss fight.

The Mad Donkey’s attacks are hard and heavy-hitting, but you won’t need to Perfect Guard them in order to gain the upperhand. Guarding at any time will increase his stagger, and if you fire back with your basic attack – right bumper – you’ll gain some health back. If he enters his Frenzy Attack – shown by him glowing red – stay back and use the Puppet’s String to pull him out of this state. It will also bring him close to you for a quick attack. Be careful when you use it as when not in Frenzy he will simply dodge out the way and waste your legion power.

If you consistently guard he should be staggerable. When you see his health bar go white, hold right trigger for a charge attack. Once he’s down you have a short time to stand in the red circle and do a Fatal Attack. You can also follow this up with one or two quick hits. If you are nearing the end of the fight but are at low health you can always stay back and use your Throwing Cells to finish him off.