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Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth money farming tips

Battles, bargains, and bike rides

Methods for how to make money in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth is something you can start almost from the moment you land in Hawaii, but how to save money is just as important. Aside from needing cash to stock up on necessaries, you need plenty of money to rank up facilities as well. Seems like everyone 'round here has Infinite Wealth except Ichiban.

Our Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth money guide has some handy tips for making money fast - and keeping it.

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Be the very best (Sujimon trainer)

A Sujimon battle in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Sujimon's a pretty lucrative hobby.

Or if not a master, at least take part in Sujimon battles and tournaments. It’s basically free money, and you can rise through the ranks as soon as Sujimon battles unlock, as none of it is tied to the story. Regular battles earn you a decent amount of money, and high-level trainers pay out more.

Sell your stuff

Plates, treasures, old weapons, tissue packets – sell it all. Honolulu has a pawn store in the Anaconda Shopping Center and in Chinatown, and most stores that sell equipment will also buy yours off you. There’s no reason to keep most of this stuff once you’re done with it, especially equipment, so don’t hesitate to get rid of it.

Get a gig job

The crazy delivery minigame in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Hope they tip well.

Ichiban picks up a contract with Crazy Delivery, an UberEats-like company that pays you to race around Honolulu and deliver food on your bike. You can rake in quite a bit of cash if you pull off tricks and deliver enough orders, and it costs you nothing but time.

Spending time on Dondoko Island and with the resort side story also earns you a lot of money, but both of these activities take more time to get going.

Seek out high-level enemies

While bosses drop a fat stack of cash upon defeat, high-level enemies – marked in purple or with crown icons – aren’t far behind. These mini-boss-like foes are tough, but the rewards are worth it, assuming you can finish the battle in one piece. Each district in Honolulu has at least one of these enemies, so there’s no shortage of fights to pick.

Don’t go fighting enemies that outlevel you by more than two or three levels, though. Losing fights also loses you money.

Fight low-level foes with Smackdowns

Smackdowns are an auto-battle system where, if you outrank the enemy by a certain level, Ichiban automatically beats them down without fighting them manually. Sure, you don’t get that much cash from one fight, but if you blitz through the Chapter 3 and 4 areas when you’re level 25 or higher, you’ll walk away with plenty of fresh cash.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth money-saving tips

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth's Ichiban Kasuga faces a thug with a machete

Pick your fights wisely so you don't lose your hard-earned cash

Farming cash is about smart saving as much as it’s about making money. There’s plenty of ways for Ichiban to throw his cash around, but not all of them are worth it.

Craft carefully

Julie doesn’t upgrade your weapons out of sheer kindness, and her fees stack up quickly – especially at higher levels. While experimenting is a good idea, make sure to do it cautiously. Plan ahead of time what elemental additions might benefit you or whether it’s worth upgrading a weapon instead of buying a new one.

Don’t use the segway

The segway is fun and looks silly, but it’s also a massive money trap. Recharging the battery in full costs $200, which is essentially just a waste. Ichiban runs at a pretty fair speed and never tires, plus you have to get off the segway to collect items and wave and talk to people anyway.

Use the ATM

Saying “don’t lose” is all well and good, but defeat is bound to happen at some point. When it does, Ichiban loses a chunk of cash. Keeping your money in an ATM and withdrawing it only when you need it solves that problem entirely, as your deposited money remains untouched even after you lose a fight.