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Is Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth DLC worth it?

Maybe if you have infinite wealth (I’m sorry)

Whether you should buy the Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth DLC depends on what you’re after, though the RPG does have some useful add-ons. One of them is, admittedly, a bit tough to justify, but there's no denying how useful it is.

If you’re after more Infinite Wealth help, check out our guides for which job is best for each character and how to raise bonds with your party members.

Should you buy Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth DLC?

There’s a lot of Infinite Wealth DLC available. Some of it, such as the booster packs, overlap. Some of it’s cosmetic-only. And one big, expensive add-on basically tacks the deluxe edition onto your standard version, so if you bought something other than the standard edition, you definitely don’t need it. __

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth DLC that’s worth your money

Special Job Set – $4.99

This comparatively inexpensive set adds two quite strong jobs to your roster, Linebacker and Tennis Ace. Linebacker is the closest you’ll get to a tank in Infinite Wealth, and it’s quick as well. The Tennis Ace class is the highlight, though. Most of the women’s classes are status and debuff-oriented, but this one puts offense at the fore. It’s a fresh change of pace.

If you do purchase this add-on, make sure to have some in-game cash ready. Ichiban has to pay $1,600 to take each course at Alo-Happy and unlock the jobs for use.

That said, if you need to save money, you’re not missing out on anything. The jobs included in the game are varied and interesting in themselves.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth's Ichiban and Kiryu stand in shadow with a blurry suggestion of the city outside behind them

"Ichiban, don't buy it all" - Kiryu, probably

Job Leveling Sets – Small ($2.99), Medium ($5.99), Large ($9.99)

If you change jobs a lot or want to max them all out, you might benefit from the job leveling sets. The sets have 1 (small), 2 (medium), or 3 (large) books for leveling each job, but it’s worth repeating again that these are only valuable if you’re changing jobs a lot. Infinite Wealth has enough quests, boosts, and battles that you don’t need outside extras otherwise.

Master Vacation Bundle – $19.99

Much as I dislike locking things such as bonus dungeons and New Game+ behind paid add-ons for a game that’s already $69.99, I can’t deny this bundle is actually worth it. Outside of NG+, you get a post-game episode with a new dungeon, new outfits for everyone, handy in-game items, in-game music for Ichiban’s phone player, and Hero’s Party Sujimon and Dondoko Island invitations.

And that’s about it. The rest of the DLC is potentially useful if you just want to blitz through the game without leveling up normally, but they’re definitely not essential.