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Lords of the Fallen Performance VS Quality mode on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles

Breaking down Lords of the Fallen's two graphics modes, Performance and Quality, on console
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Lords of the Fallen – the sequel to Lords of the Fallen – is out now on PS5, Xbox Series consoles, and PC. Console players who are used to how modern games work are probably wondering what kind of performance you can expect from the game, and what mode you should be using.

In this guide we’re breaking down our experience with Lords of the Fallen on PS5, though we assume the advice below will apply to Xbox Series X/S consoles, too. Just read through our info below so you know which mode to stick with.

Does Lords of the Fallen use 120hz on consoles?

Lords of the Fallen gameplay

No 120hz mode in Lords of the Fallen!

Unfortunately, there are no 120hz specific modes on PS5 consoles. Your choices are either Performance or Quality modes, and both are designed for 60hz displays.

Performance mode breakdown – Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen gameplay

Performance mode is the way to play.

Performance mode is the standout and should be the default. Performance mode targets 60fps, and largely hits the target, though you’ll see it waver from that target, especially in the Umbral Realm. However, if you are using a VRR-capable display, you will not notice these framerate fluctuations on PS5.

If you do not have a VRR display available, then you might find Performance mode to be less smooth than you’d hope. Still, it offers gameplay fluidity that the game really benefits from.

Quality mode breakdown – Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen gameplay

Quality mode does not offer a good experience.

Quality mode aims for a 30fps cap, but unfortunately, it’s just not good. There appear to be frame pacing issues, and when compared directly with the Performance mode gameplay, Quality mode almost feels as if you’re playing in slow motion. It’s hard to recommend Quality mode on any level.

Best graphics mode for Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen gameplay

Make sure to choose Performance mode in the Graphics settings!

All said and done, even with the framerate fluctuations, Performance mode is by far the best way to play Lords of the Fallen. We can hope that future patches smooth over the performance and make it a locked 60fps – but Quality mode, by comparison, feels unplayable. Avoid Quality mode for now, stick to Performance mode.