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Madden 23’s best teams make life easy, don’t they? It’s all well and good to take a team that’s already a powerhouse and stomp out the competition in Madden 23’s Franchise Mode, but there’s much more fun to be found in taking a team that’s fallen from grace and building them back up.

Forget your favorites, and forget having an easy ride. In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the best teams in Madden 23 to rebuild with.

Houston Texans

74 OVR


The worst-rated team in Madden 23 at launch, the Houston Texans have had a terrible run lately. With few skilled players on either end of the ball and their star QB, David Mills, not yet showing much promise, you’re going to have your work cut out for you here.

Perhaps the ultimate challenge in Madden 23, a run at the Houston Texans will require careful planning and clever roster construction.

Detroit Lions

78 OVR


With improvements on both ends of the ball, the new-look Lions could possibly be one of the emerging NFL teams this season. Jared Goff shows promise and the recently drafted Aiden Hutchinson has already proved to be a beast on the defensive side of the ball. Add in what’s missing and you have a solid team.

It also helps that the Lions have two first-round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft – either use this to leverage some trade or improve your team.

Chicago Bears

78 OVR


It’s painful, but the Bears are one of the worst teams going into the 2022 season. It’s too early to tell whether Justin Fields will prove to be the player the team is built around, but you can make that choice for yourself if you choose to rebuild with the Bears in Madden 23.

With defense – Eddie Jackson, Robert Quinn, and Roquan Smith – being one of their strong points, you’ll want to focus on improving the attacking side to find success. It’s not going to be easy, but adjusting skilled positions such as CB and WR will be key.

Las Vegas Raiders

83 OVR


One of the highest-rated teams on this list, the Raiders still have plenty of room for improvement, thanks to their linear playstyle and lack of skilled players in certain positions.

Sure, you might have the newly added Davante Adams holding down the WR position, but you’ll need to shore up the defense to plaster over weaknesses on the other side of the ball.

Atlanta Falcons

77 OVR


With long-time QB Matt Ryan heading off to join the Colts, taking the Falcons through Franchise Mode will start with you plugging that hole. Do that and you should be able to take them to the top in no time.

Now get out there and get rebuilding those legacies, coach. 

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