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The Widow’s Mine is one of the areas you’ll have to traverse in Miasma Chronicles as you make your way through the game’s main story. It’s a dark and dangerous place showcasing the power of the Miasma as a controlled weapon. In here, other humans are your greatest enemy, as this cavernous area has been taken over by criminal Theevers.

The Theevers have locked an old acquaintance of Elvis, a smuggler called Vyse, into a toilet in the mine. The room is secured with a keypad, for which you’ll need a three-digit access code.

Miasma Chronicles: Widow’s Mine keypad code

Unlike for the keypad in the Gator Zone, the clue to the correct code is not hidden on the keypad itself this time around. Instead, walk out the exit to the right and carefully check the wall behind you. Spot something? A series of bullet holes on the metal wall spells out 1-0-5, which is the code you’ve been looking for.

There is actually an item nearby that gives you a hint about this, so be sure to always check these pieces of information whenever you grab them.

Miasma Chronicles Widow's Mine keypad code hint.

Vyse will reward you for your troubles by giving you an ability chip for your power glove, allowing you to upgrade one of your Miasma Abilities. This chip enables you to steal Plastic from any foe you’re targeting with the skill, enriching yourself a little bit during combat to stock up on resources faster.