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Minecraft 1.20.3 patch notes: the Bat's new look

Everything new in the Minecraft 1.20.3 patch notes

While the Minecraft team crack on with the recently announced 1.21 update, there are still updates to the live version of Minecraft, and now 1.20.3 has been released. These smaller updates usually only make some mechanical changes and this one comes with a couple of small changes you’ll want to know about.

If you want to know more about what’s over the horizon, check out our list of everything you need to know about Minecraft 1.21, but in the meantime, here is the full patch notes for Minecraft 1.20.3.

Minecraft 1.20.3 patch notes

Minecraft new bat design

Bats are looking better than ever in Minecraft 1.20.3

The biggest change is a redesign of how bats look, making them feel all the cuter as a result. Elsewhere, you can now store up to one stack of items in a decorated pot, but be careful, as they can be smashed if they’re hit with a projectile. There are a handful of minor tweaks too, like a new accessibility option to customize the main menu and a new sound effect for teleporting with an Ender Pearl.

The full patch notes are below:


  • Decorated Pots can now store items, and can be smashed by projectiles
  • When a player is blocking with a shield, the arm with the shield now follows the direction the player is looking at, when viewed from third-person perspective
  • The Bat now has a new look
  • Added an accessibility option that allows to hide the yellow splash texts in the main menu
  • Added a recovery screen for worlds with missing data (for example, if saving failed due to an unexpected shutdown)
  • Other minor tweaks

Decorated Pots

  • Decorated Pots now store up to a single stack of items
  • Hoppers, Droppers and Minecarts with Hoppers can now insert and/or extract items from Decorated Pots
  • Comparators can now read the number of items in Decorated Pots
  • Players can interact with Decorated Pots to insert items into them
  • Decorated Pots have no GUI, and need to be broken to retrieve or discover their content by players
  • Player interactions with Decorated Pots cause the Decorated Pot to wobble and trigger the vibration frequency of 11
  • Decorated Pots can be smashed by projectiles which cause them to shatter and drop their content
  • Decorated Pots now stack up to 64


  • The Bat has an updated model, animations, and texture

Minor Tweaks

  • Monster Spawner now renders their inner faces when looking inside
  • Thrown Ender Pearls produce a teleportation sound on impact
  • Small tweaks to the Telemetry Data Collection screen