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After a long wait and many exciting snapshots, Minecraft 1.20: The Trails & Tales update, is coming on June 7, 2023, exactly one year after version 1.19 dropped. This update doesn’t do anything as dramatic as changing the world generation algorithm for the game, but it still adds a bunch of cool features, some of which have been long-requested by fans.

We’ll run down everything that’s coming in our full Minecraft patch notes for update 1.20.

Archeology – Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft Decorated pots

If back in 2011, you told us this block-building game would eventually have an archeology system added, we would’ve given you funny looks, but such is the way with modern Minecraft.

With the new Trail Ruins, you can have your very own archeological dig when you spot these ancient ruins poking up out of the ground. Also found under oceans, these ruins contain Suspicious Sand or Gravel, which you can dig up to potentially find Pottery Sherds or Armor Trims.

The Pottery Sherds (it’s an archeology term, Google it) can be crafted together to create unique patterns on pots which you can then display wherever you like.

Armor Trims – Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft Armor Trims

You can finally customize the look of your armor in Minecraft with the new Armor Trims. Different patterns can be found in just about every structure in the game. Trail Ruins, Strongholds, Fortresses, and more can all give you a unique trim.

Combining these with an armor piece in a smithing table lets you carve patterns on your armor, making them stand out from the crowd. You can use different resources like gold, diamond, or emerald to customize the color too.

Sniffer – Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft Sniffer

Found only in ocean ruins, the Sniffer is a new ancient dinosaur mob that you can bring back from extinction by digging up their eggs. It’ll take a while to hatch, but once it does it will grow up into an adorable passive creature that occasionally sniffs up ancient seeds from the ground.

Camels – Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft Camels

More realistic mobs are still being added to the game, and this time we get the camel which, you won’t be surprised to learn, spawns naturally in deserts. This mob works similarly to a horse, but has the added advantage of being taller, meaning hostile mobs can’t hit when you’re riding a camel. The trade-off is that rather than a full jump, they instead have a small hop that gives a sharp burst of forward movement.

Cherry Grove biome – Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft Cherry Grove

A new biome and wood variant that fans have wanted for ages is finally an official feature. You can now find sweeping forest full of rich pink cherry blossom trees, which you can cut down for a nice pink wood to build with. Plus, while you’re in the biome, the petals will blow through the air and settle on the ground, which you can use as decoration.

Bamboo, bookshelves, and hanging signs – Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft new 1.20 features

All that bamboo you’ve been farming can finally be used on something more than scaffolding, as it can now be crafted into a fully-functional building block. It’s treated like any other wood type, so you can make stairs, slabs, doors, and more using them.

Chiseled Bookshelves are a new decorative block that can actually store any books you have lying around. They also look distinct from the regular bookshelf block, so you can have some variety in your library.

Finally, hanging signs have more functionality than regular signs, as they will use a chain to properly hang from blocks above it or beside it – no more dodgy-looking floating signs in your world.

There’s some more complicated redstone stuff too, like Calibrated Sculk Sensors and Vibration Resonance which the usual Minecraft wizards will use to make something unbelievably cool, but that whole world is a mystery to us. In short, it allows Amethyst Blocks to retain the frequency of vibration and re-emit it, which will help with any contraptions that involve the vibration-sensing Sculk Sensors.