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Minecraft Legends offers a couple of different game modes to anyone wanting to play with their friends. There is the standard competitive mode where you can partner up for 2v2 battles against your friends or strangers online. However, the campaign also allows up to four players to connect and take on the AI Piglin hordes together.

Like with regular Minecraft, those that live together may also want to play the game together, in which case, a split-screen multiplayer mode would be great. We’ll explain how the co-op mode in Minecraft Legends work.

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Can you play Minecraft Legends in local co-op?

Minecraft Legends 1

Unfortunately, Minecraft Legends does not support local co-op play. There is no split-screen mode, and only one person can play from one console at a time. This means that if you want to play with friends they’re going to need their own copy of the game and device to play it on, and you’ll need to connect via the internet.

The good news is that Minecraft Legends supports crossplay between all platforms, meaning your friends can get the game on whatever device they want, and you’ll still be able to play together.