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Minecraft Legends: how to find the First

Minecraft Legends First mobs are extremely powerful allies that you'll want to recruit

As you launch your assault against the Piglins that plague the lands in Minecraft Legends, you’ll summon a varied army of many powerful mobs – however, there are four legendary units that you’ll want on your side when you charge into battle. Known simply as “The First”, these four giant golems have powerful abilities that can easily turn the tide of battle.

We’ll explain how to find and recruit the First and go through what each of them does.

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How to find the First – Minecraft Legends

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With the worlds of Minecraft Legends being randomly generated, there are no set locations where the First spawn, but there are things you should be on the lookout for – question marks.

As you explore the map you’ll encounter points of interest on your map highlighted with a question mark, these will be one of three things: where a unique passive mob spawns, where a tower spawns, or where the First spawns.

The areas on the map you haven’t explored will be noticeably darker than the rest of it, so it’s not too difficult to spot the areas you should be searching.

How to recruit the First – Minecraft Legends

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When you first encounter a First in the world, you’ll get a message from Knowledge telling you to come back to the Well of Fate. Do so and you’ll get a new upgrade that lets you recruit the First. If you don’t already have the resources to build it, go and get them, build the upgrade, then return to the First you found – it will be marked on your map once you’ve found it.

Now, for the cost of a few resources, you can revive the First and recruit them into your army. You can have all four in your army at once, and while they’re not immortal, they quickly respawn at any village or well you’ve constructed.

What every First does – Minecraft Legends

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All you need to know now is what each of them does in battle:

  • First of Stone – Throws boulders at targets
  • First of Diorite – Spawns random golems to fight in your army
  • First of Brick – Turns itself into a wall to protect against projectiles
  • First of Oak – Shoots explosive projectiles at targets