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Minecraft is a game for everyone, so it should be no surprise that its latest spin-off, Minecraft Legends has a bunch of accessibility features to help those that are less able. One such option is a text-to-speech narrator that reads all the on-screen text aloud for those with visual impairment.

The game has it set to be on by default when you first boot up the game so anyone who needs it can get right into the fun. However, some who don’t need it may not have realized what it was and don’t know how to turn it off, which is why we’re here to explain how to turn off the Minecraft Legends narrator.

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How to turn off the Minecraft Legends narrator

Minecraft Legends accessibility menu

When you boot up the game for the first time, you’ll be greeted by an options menu, one of the first options is the “Text-to-speech” option. If you don’t want the narrator, then toggle it off.

If you missed this opening menu then never fear as you can still get to it. From the main menu, go into “Settings” and then over to the “Accessibility” tab. From there, the “Text-to-speech” option will be the fourth one down. You can use this option to turn it on or off whenever you want.