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Once you’ve broken down every irritating wall the Horde of the Bastion has put in your way, their boss, the Unbreakable will decide to personally deal with the threat you pose. This horde boss is extremely strong and, as the name suggests, is bulkier than you could possibly imagine. It’s going to take a lot to break through and take him down.

Never fear though, as we’re here to help you destroy the Horde of the Bastion once and for all, with our guide to beating the Unbreakable.

If you need to know how to defeat the other Minecraft Legends bosses, check out our guides on how to defeat the Beast and how to defeat the Devourer.

How to find the Unbreakable – Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends bastion portal

Much like the Devourer, the Unbreakable wants you to come to them. After you’ve taken out the Horde of the Bastion’s third portal, a cutscene will so the Unbreakable leaving the Nether. Check your map and you’ll see a new base as popped up where it awaits your challenge.

How to defeat the Unbreakable – Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends the Unbreakable

This will be the biggest and toughest Bastion base you’ll face in Minecraft Legends. Follow our guide for how to defeat the Horder of the Bastion for tips on how to break through their impenetrable walls. In short, you need to take it slow and dismantle every building you find along the way.

Eventually you’ll break through into the main area where you’ll be faced with the Unbreakable, the portal, and a Bastion elite. You don’t need to worry about the portal, but you should take out the elite unit before fighting the boss.

The boss is a tough nut to crack, with both strong melee and ranged attacks. What we recommend is spawning a small force for Zombies to keep him distracted and then sending in as many Creepers as you can spawn. The explosions will tear through his armor and bring his health down quite quickly.