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Minecraft mods: the best mods to transform your game

Minecraft mods are the best way to inject a new lease of life into the game. There’s something for everyone, and we’ve picked out the very best

Vanilla Minecraft is boundless, to a point. While you can build anything you dream of, you’re still constrained by the features programmed into the game. Official updates usually add lots of great new content, but there’s only one or two of those a year. Thankfully, you can look to the many talented developers in the community, as the sea of Minecraft mods is truly endless.

Whether you’re looking for small quality-of-life improvements, new machines to build, or even whole new dimensions, you can find a mod that will suit your needs. We’ve dived into the modding scene and picked out the best Minecraft mods that will have you playing like it was a whole new game.

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