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How to get called up in MLB The Show 23 takes dedication and practice, since only the best of the best have a shot at the big leagues. While practice and skill are key to helping your ballplayer get noticed in the sports game, you’ll also need to make smart choices for their perks and equipment. It takes a few in-game months or more to raise your stats and make a name for yourself in the minor leagues, so don’t expect to join your dream team right away.

How to get called up in MLB The Show 23

You have to outshine practically every other player in your chosen position before you have a chance of being called up. How long this takes depends on which role you chose to specialize in when making your ballplayer. Pitchers tend to get called up faster, while hitters and catchers may have to wait longer, since there are often not as many open spots. If you want to take on The Road to The Show as quickly as possible, we recommend just starting as a pitcher the first time.

Do your best

After you perform well in every game, your chosen team will probably call you up on August 1. Performing well essentially means just doing your job – catching hits if you’re in the field, striking out batters, and not striking out if you’re a hitter. If you’re new to MLB The Show or need to brush up your skills, take some time to practice in other modes.

Don’t choose to simulate games, though. You have no control over your player in simulated games, which means they’re more likely to make mistakes.


Experiment with schemes

Each position has their own control settings, and some, such as the pitcher, include options to simplify what’s required of you or give you more control. My first player was a pitcher, and I opted for the Meter scheme to set the power and accuracy of a pitch – perfect for trying to outwit batters and shake up patterns.

Pick your perks

Perks are another helpful way to boost your performance in a game. You have fewer options early in the game, so you won’t be able to build an unstoppable player, but every bit helps. Using the pitcher as an example again, I chose velocity and control perks to push their stats a little higher and gain an extra advantage.

You can also use equipment to give stats a slight boost, so make sure to outfit your ballplayer with the best gear available.

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