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NBA 2K24 ratings - The top-rated NBA players so far

These 10 are the best of the best in NBA 2K24

The NBA 2K24 ratings are starting to roll out, as 2K teased the 10 best players of 2024’s sports game ahead of its launch in September. This year’s best players remain the usual familiar faces we’ve seen for the past few iterations, but the numbers shuffle a few of the top-rated players from NBA 2K23 around. 

Fan-favorites such as LeBron James drop down a notch compared to the previous year, while some, including Nikola Jokic, get an extra bump up once again. The full list of ratings is still to come, but for now, get a look at the top 10 players in NBA 2K24.

NBA 2K24 ratings: LeBron James is depicted wearing his modern LA Lakers jersey, holding a basketball in his right hand

Like NBA 2K23, you can expect these to change as the season progresses, so if you're miffed that a favorite is too low, they probably won't be for long.

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