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Palworld: The best Pal of each type for combat

The strongest Pal of each type for combat in Palworld

The fact that Pals don’t evolve means there isn’t much reason not to take the small and cute early-game Pals all the way to the end if you want to. While they won’t be as strong as the titans in the world, they will still be able to match up under the right circumstances. That said, it’s never a bad thing to know the best routes to take.

For that, we’ve gone through all 9 Pal types and made our pick for the strongest Pal in each type, so no matter the opponent, you’ll have the perfect Pal to take them down.

Best Water Pal – Jormuntide

Palworld Jormuntide

This long water dragon is an easy pick for the strongest Water-type Pal. The moves it learns at the higher levels like Hydro Laser will absolutely annihilate any Fire Pal you put in its path.

Best Electric Pal – Grizzbolt

Palworld Grizzbolt

Grizzbolt has been a bit of a poster child for Palworld, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the strongest. Aside from having access to lots of strong Electric attacks, its equipable minigun special skill makes it near unstoppable.

Best Ground Pal – Anubis

Palworld Anubis

Anubis is another Pal that was promoted heavily pre-launch, and it’s easy to see why as Anubis can shake the very earth on which you walk with access to the strongest Ground-type attacks in the game.

Best Grass Pal – Lyleen

Palworld Lyleen

Lyleen’s strong Grass attacks are one thing, but what truly makes it the best is its special ability, which is one of the only ways in the game that you can heal yourself on the fly, making it one of the most valuable Pals in the whole game.

Best Fire Pal – Blazamut

Palworld Blazamut

Blazamut is an incredibly powerful Pal that can learn both Fire and Ground-type attacks, giving it more variety in the field. On top of that, it has Level 4 mining for your base and it can be ridden as a mount.

Best Ice Pal – Frostallion

Palworld Frostallion

The game describes Frostallion as “legendary” for a reason, which is that it’ll freeze the face off of any opponent in its path. It’s a great mount too, letting you fly around like on a graceful pegasus.

Best Dragon Pal – Jetragon

Palworld Jetragon

No surprises here, Jetragon is easily one of the strongest Pals in the whole game. Only catchable at Level 50, it has access to the strongest Dragon-type attacks and is the fastest mount in Palworld.

Best Dark Pal – Shadowbeak

Palworld Shadowbeak

The chosen partner Pal of the strongest boss in the game, Shadowbeak is a formidable foe. Aside from looking like a cool dark bird, it gets access to a bunch of very strong AoE attacks, meaning there is no group of foes too large for it to face.

Best Neutral Pal – Paladius

Palworld Paladius

There aren’t many strong Neutral Pals, especially as the type doesn’t have any strengths, but Paladius is a reliable partner nonetheless. It’s just below Necromus as the fastest ground mount in the game, and Paladius’ moveset makes it a strong choice of partner.