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Palworld: how to get Carbon Fiber

How to get Carbon Fiber in Palworld

Carbon Fiber is a vital material for the late game of Palworld. It’s used in advanced weapons the assault rifle and the rocket launcher, as well as some of the best equipment in the game like Legendary Spheres and the Electric Furnace. Thankfully, Carbon Fiber isn’t too difficult to make once you know how.

We’ll show you how to unlock Carbon Fiber in Palworld and how to make it.

How to get Carbon Fiber in Palworld

Palworld Carbon Fiber

You have to unlock Carbon Fiber by spending your technology points on it. It’s available to unlock once you reach Level 35, and from there you can produce in a Production Assembly Line 1.

You have two options for crafting it. You can either use two coal or five charcoal. If you have a farm set up for coal in Palworld then you shouldn’t have a problem with that. However, by this point in the game, you’ll likely have a massive amount of wood stored up from logging on your base, so it may be worth stockpiling charcoal for Carbon Fiber instead.