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Palworld: how to catch humans

How to catch humans in Palworld
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Pal Spheres are surprisingly powerful tools. Not only will they catch any Pal in all of Palworld but they can also do something a little more sinister – they can catch people. If you’re willing to put your morality aside to treat someone in such a tortuous manner, then it is possible for you to catch humans in Palworld and have them aid you at your base.

We’ll explain how catching humans works in Palworld and what you can get out of it.

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How to catch humans in Palworld

Palworld catching a human

Unlike Pals, humans won’t show you a catch chance percentage when aiming a Pal Sphere at them, but if the sphere is powerful enough then it can still attempt to catch them.

The chance of catching any human is very small though, so you’ll need to get your target to very low health before you attempt to capture them – this means that doing it in a friendly village will get you a wanted level for committing a crime. Still, if you get your target’s health low and use a higher-tier Pal Sphere, you will eventually succeed in catching a human.

As far as work on a base goes, humans only have the Handiwork suitability, meaning they can only help with crafting tasks in the base. However, they can do all the things they normally do in the field, including however they fight. You can also…butcher them for their meat…please don’t though.

The main benefit of catching humans is that, if you catch the different types of merchants, you can have them permanently on your base to buy and sell resources whenever you need to.