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Palworld difficulty settings explained: how to boost your EXP rate

How to gain lots of EXP get changing the difficulty settings in Palworld

When you get into the late game of Palworld, it can sometimes feel like progress is slow going, especially when it comes to leveling up your character. This isn’t too big of an issue if you like the exploration side of the game, but if you just wish things would go a bit faster, then there is a way for you to make it faster.

We’ll explain how to change the many world settings in Palworld, and how you can use them to – among other things – increase the rate at which you gain XP.

How to increase your EXP gain in Palworld

Palworld difficulty settings

On your world, go into “change world settings” and then click “custom difficulty settings”, and you’ll be greeted with a huge list of sliders with all the things you can change.

Most of these are fairly self-explanatory. You can make the days longer and nights shorter; increase the catch rate on all Pals; and boost the amount of damage you deal.

“EXP rate” is one we want though, as you can boost your EXP gain to be ridiculously high. If you want to gain less EXP then you can put as low as a 0.1x multiplier on any gains. What’s far more likely though is you want to increase it, so you’ll be please to know you can set it as high as a 20x multiplier. This means in situations where you’d normally gain 1,000 EXP, you’ll instead gain 20,000 EXP, and so on.

Setting it as high as that makes leveling ridiculously quick, and you’ll reach the maximum level in Palworld almost immediately. However, if you just want progression to move a bit faster, then we recommend setting a multiplier of around 2-3x.