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Palworld: how to get Electric Organs

How to get Electric Organs in Palworld

If you want to get your base as technologically advanced as possible, then you’re going to need plenty of electrical equipment, and unfortunately, all of those items require one item in abundance – Electric Organs. These items are only dropped by certain Pals, so going out of your way to hunt them down isn’t the easiest job.

Don’t worry though, as we’ll tell you the best and quickest way to farm Electric Organs so you can get our machines up and running in no time.

How to get Electric Organs in Palworld

Palworld Sparkit

As you may expect, Electric Organs are only dropped by Electric-type Pals. The easiest Electric-type to hunt down is Sparkit, which spawns all over the starter island. However, if you head up to the small desert area on the northern island – the same place where you find coal in Palworld, and where Anubis spawns.

There Sparkit spawns quite regularly, and with such open terrain, you can easily ride around on a fast mount. Once there just wander around and catch or KO every Sparkit in sight. You get the loot drops either way, so it’s best to catch them so you can get the XP.