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Palworld FAQ: All your important Palworld questions, answered

Palworld is a strange game, but we're answering all of your Palworld questions so you know if you should start playing
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Palworld is out now on Xbox Series X|S consoles and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store, and you have questions. Don’t worry, I understand: it’s a weird game, and players have even accused Palworld of being a scam.

In this Palworld FAQ we’re breaking down all of your burning questions that you might have about Palworld before you get started. Once you have started playing, make sure to check all of our Palworld guides and content, as we have tips and tricks for pretty much everything.

Just read through our FAQ explanations below for the answers to the important Palworld questions people are asking before starting.

If you need to know more about Palworld, make sure to read our full Palworld review where Ryan Woodrow concludes: "By focusing on survival crafting rather than traditional Pokémon-style gameplay, Palworld has made something unique out of two genres that have been stale for a long time. It’s still missing some big features like PvP, but given that it’s only at the beginning of its time in early access, it will only get bigger and better."

Palworld flying with friends

Yes, Palworld is a real game.

Do Pals evolve in Palworld?

No, pals in Palworld do not evolve. What you see is what you get.

Does Palworld have controller support?

Yes, Palworld has full controller support on Xbox and Steam.

Where can I play Palworld?

Palworld is currently playable PC via Steam or the Microsoft Store, Steam Deck, or Xbox Series X|S consoles.

What is Palworld's price on Xbox and Steam?

Palworld's price is £24.99 GBP/$29.99 USD on both Xbox's Microsoft Store and Steam.

Is Palworld on PlayStation/PS5?

No, Palworld is not currently on PlayStation consoles, but may arrive on PS5 in the future.

Will Palworld be on PS5?

There is no word from the Palworld developer on a PS5 version of the game, but PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida has tweeted congratulations to the development team and has indicated interest in the game coming to PlayStation.

Is Palworld on Nintendo Switch?

Palworld is not on Nintendo Switch right now, and it seems unlikely that it will be ported in the future.

Does Palworld have multiplayer?

Yes, Palworld has full shared-world multiplayer.

Is Palworld an MMO?

Palworld is not an MMO, even though it can be played online with up to 32 players, it can also be played solo entirely offline.

Can Palworld be played offline?

Yes, you can play Palworld offline by yourself.

Does Palworld have PVP?

Palworld does not currently have PVP combat, but it is planned for the future. All multiplayer is cooperative, for now.

How many players can share a world in Palworld?

Up to four players can join a normal game session, but when using a dedicated server you can play with up to 32 maximum online players.

Is Palworld on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, Palworld is fully playable on Xbox Series X|S consoles with Xbox Game Pass.

Is Palworld on Xbox Game Pass for PC?

Yes, you can play Palworld through the Xbox app or Microsoft Store on PC with Xbox Game Pass.

Does Palworld work on Steam Deck?

Yes, Palworld works on Steam Deck, though you will need to adjust settings so the game’s open world works probably on the portable PC. Make sure to check our recommended Palworld Steam Deck settings.

Does Palworld support crossplay?

Palworld does not currently support crossplay between Xbox and PC, but the developer Pocketpair has said that this is planned for a future update.

How many Pals are in Palworld?

There are 111 pals in Palworld, but through breeding you’ll find that 24 creatures have a type variant which gets a unique entry in the Paldeck, making the total number of pals 135.

Is Palworld a scam?

We’ve been playing Palworld for several days now, and there are zero indications that this is a scam. It’s a fairly generic survival-crafting open-world game, with pal monsters that give the game a unique tone and hook. In our books, that makes it not a scam, even if the trailers look like a fake mobile game.

Is Nintendo going to sue Palworld/Pocketpair?

We don't think so. Nintendo has already taken down Pokémon mods for Palworld, implying that if Palworld did breach Nintendo's copyright, a lawsuit would've already been issued. For more details on the Palworld controversy, read our feature on how Palworld's AI allegations controversy has real repercussions.