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Palworld: how to fast travel

How to fast travel in Palworld

Palworld has a surprisingly big map and all sorts of different Pals are hidden away on its many islands. Thankfully, exploring it isn’t too difficult as there are fast travel points dotted all over the map that let you teleport around in an instant.

Unlocking these will make your journeys a lot easier, so we’ll tell you how to find them and how to use them once you’ve unlocked them.

How to fast travel in Palworld

Palworld fast travel point

Fast travel points are the large glowing statues you’ll occasionally find around the world. These glow orange when unactivated, and turn blue when you activate them by going up to them. Your base also counts as a fast travel point, so it’s a good idea to put that in a helpful location. When you’re within 300 meters of one, it will appear on your compass even if you haven’t activated it yet, so you can use that track them down.

You can only fast travel from a fast travel point. While you can see where all the points are at any time using the map, you can’t travel to any of them unless you go to an activate fast travel point or your Palbox and interact with it to fast travel. From there you can select any point you like to teleport to.

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