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Fastest mounts in Palworld for every type of terrain

A list of the fastest Palworld mounts for ground, flying, swimming, and gliding

Traversing Palworld’s surprisingly large map is much easier when you have a trusty steed or two that can carry you on its back. Not only does it make things quicker, but also safer, as you can get out of trouble in a flash and command your Pal to attack while you’re riding them.

Still, when it comes to mounts, speed is more important than strength, so we’ve picked out the best mount for every type of terrain. That way you can keep moving at top speed no matter your destination.

Fastest ground mount in Palworld

Palworld Necromus

Necromus is the fastest ground mount in Palworld, but it’s extremely late-game, as you’ll need to reach Level 49 to unlock the saddle that lets you ride it – it’s worth it though, as it can also triple jump. If you’re instead looking for something fast earlier on we recommend tracking down a Pyrin or a Direhowl instead, as they are both still pretty fast.

Fastest flying mount in Palworld

Palworld Jetragon

Unsurprisingly, Jetragon is the fastest flying mount in Palworld, as it has literal jets on its back. Once again though, it is only found in the late game, as a Level 50 boss – check out our guide on how to catch Jetragon for more information. As for some earlier accessible fliers, birds like Vanwyrm or Ragnahawk are good options.

Fastest swimming mount in Palworld

Palworld Azurobe

Azurobe is the fastest swimming mount in Palworld, and it’s available fairly early on. You can catch it in a couple of different places, and you only need to reach Level 24 to unlock its saddle. If you still need earlier options though, Surfent is your best bet.

Fastest gliding mount in Palworld

Palworld Galeclaw

Galeclaw is the best gliding mount in Palworld. Admittedly gliders aren’t as useful when you have a flying mount, but Galeclaw is catchable relatively early on, so it’s a good idea to get our hands on a solid one just in case you’re ever in need of it.

How to increase the speed of your mounts in Palworld

Palworld Univolt with Runner passive ability

Among the many traits that Pals can randomly spawn with when you catch them, there are three that can increase their speed:

  • Nimble – 10% faster
  • Runner – 20% faster
  • Swift – 30% faster

It may take some time to catch a Pal with this mount, and even more time to pass it onto the Pal you want via breeding, but if you do it you’ll be rewarded with the fastest movement possible in Palworld.