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Palworld: where to find Fenglope

Where to find and catch Fenglope in Palworld

Many boss Pals are roaming the world in Palworld, while others are sealed in Dungeons. On your travels, you can battle and catch them if you’re at a high enough level and have got the skills. Fenglope is one such rare Pal that doesn’t spawn in many other places, so it may be confusing when you go to the location it says on the map and you can’t find it.

We’ll show you where you need to look to find Fenglope and other places on the map it spawns.

Palworld Fenglope location

Palworld Fenglope location

The truth is, Fenlope is where it says on the map, but it’s not on top of the mountain, it’s underground.

Instead of going to the top of the mountain, go to the nearest fast travel point and look at the waterfall nearby. At the very bottom, behind the water, you’ll find an entrance to a winding cave – bring a torch as it will get dark. Navigate through to the end and there you’ll find a Level 25 Fenglope waiting for you to battle and catch it. It’s a Neutral-type Pal, so bring a strong Dark-type to fight it.

That isn’t the only location it can spawn though, as in the far northeast corner of the map is No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, where Fenglope is one of the many spawns there. Be warned though – it is illegal to go there and troops will shoot on sight if they spot you.