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Palworld: how to create an ore farm

How to create an ore farm in Palworld
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As you progress up the tech tree in Palworld, you’re going to need A LOT of ingots. Like, hundreds upon hundreds of ingots. The problem is there is no automatic station where Pals can gather ore for you like there is for stone and wood. So to gather lots of ore, you’d normally have to do it all by hand, which is annoying as ore is quite heavy, and you can’t carry that much at once.

However, there is another way. We’ll show you how you can near-enough automate the process of gathering lots of ore.

Where to find the best mining Pals

An easy-to-obtain Level 3 mining Pal is Digtoise, a spiky tortoise that can destroy ores by spinning next to them. Dumud is also a good option, as they have transporting and watering efficiency as well.

You can find both of these in the small desert area, near where Anubis spawns.

If you're in the very late game, then you can instead get a Level 4 work suitability Pal for mining, which is Astegon.

How to automatically gather ore in Palworld

Palworld Mining Ore

Scattered around Palworld’s map, there are several spots – usually at the top of hills, where many ore nodes spawn very close to each other. We’ve marked such a spot on the map above. In these areas, ore nodes will constantly respawn every one to two days as long as you don’t build anything on top of where they should appear.

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up an ore mining base:

  • Build a Palbox in the center of all the ore nodes to establish a base
  • Build a storage box right next to the Palbox, so you can access both at the same time
  • Fill the base with Pals good at mining – Digtoise is ideal for this
  • Put two or three Pals with the transporting skill in to move the mined ore to your storage
  • Place a second storage box near the fast travel point of your “main” base
  • Make sure the Pals have beds, a food source, and a hot springs as well as they keep working for longer

Once that’s all set up, you can go off and do whatever you want. The base will generate ore without you needing to be there.

The placement of the storage boxes is important for transporting the ore, as when you pick up the masses of ore generated, you’ll be weighed down and unable to move – but you can still fast-travel.

Stand between your storage box and the Palbox and pick up all the ore. Use the Palbox to fast travel to your main base, then when you arrive put it straight into the box you placed next to your spawn point. If it’s out of reach you can drop the ore on the ground, move slightly, and then pick it up again until you can reach it.

And there you go, all the ore you’ll ever need generated all by your Pals. You just may need to check in now and again to make sure things are still running smoothly.