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Palworld roadmap: all upcoming features and content updates

Launch was only the beginning of the journey
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Palworld launched into Early Access on PC and Xbox Series X|S on January 19, 2024, garnering so much interest that its servers struggled to keep up in the early days. While some players are still taking their first steps into the survival crafting creature collection game, others have already beaten the most challenging Palworld bosses. So, naturally, developer Pocketpair is looking forward to bringing more content.

Since Palworld is an Early Access title, it’s still missing some gameplay features, could use some polish on this or that end, and may need a few balancing adjustments to really feel right – and it’s these updates the developers need to work on now to keep their momentum going.

Here’s everything we know about the Palworld roadmap with all upcoming features and content updates.

Palworld camp

There will be little rest for Pocketpair as it delivers additional Palworld updates.

Palworld roadmap: planned updates

In terms of brand-new features and content updates, Pocketpair wants to focus on the following areas:

  • PvP mode
  • Pal Arena (PvP mode for Pals)
  • Raid Bosses for multiplayer PvE (end-game content)
  • Pal Trading
  • Steam-Xbox crossplay
  • Server transfers and migrations
  • New islands, Pals, bosses, and technologies

Though players can already create and join Palworld multiplayer servers, there is no dedicated PvP experience in Palworld at launch, and players can only team up in PvE mode, to build bases and fight bosses together. This is something the developers want to change in future updates with a dedicated PVP mode and a Pal Arena where players can pit their pals against each other.

Co-op content is important to them as well, though, which is where Raid Bosses come into play: They can only be defeated by players joining hands, presenting an extra challenge for those who have reached the end game. Finally, Pal Trading is another multiplayer feature Pocketpair has its eyes on – it’s self-explanatory, really: Every creature collection game should have a trading system, allowing players to exchange the critters they tamed or bred.

And, of course, the developers plan to expand the map with New islands to explore, which will bring new Pals to capture and more regular Bosses to defeat. Many players have already maxed out their tech tree at level 50, so adding more Technologies is also in the roadmap of planned updates.

Palworld Early Access roadmap showing various key items.

The official Palworld update roadmap, as provided by the developer.

Palworld roadmap: fixes and improvements

In regards to system overhauls and improvements, the developer has its gaze on the following:

  • Xbox feature improvements
  • Key configuration improvements
  • Pal AI and pathing improvements
  • Building system updates

We’ve yet to see what exactly Pocketpair wants to improve in the building system, but it looks like the developer is not 100% happy with how it works at the moment.

Pal AI and pathfinding are among the developer's top priorities, as many players have been struggling with Pals getting stuck and not knowing what to do even when there are pending tasks at the base that suit their skills.

We’ll keep this roadmap updated as the developers share more of their plans. For now, it’s best if you check out the Palworld beginner tips and learn how to build a ranch.