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Palworld: how to get Pure Quartz

How to get Pure Quartz in Palworld

Once you’ve got your ore farm in Palworld set up, and you have a solid source of coal, then it won’t be long before you move onto the next minable resource you need to hunt down, quartz. Pure quartz isn’t too difficult to track down in Palworld, but it’s in a high-level area, so you might be in danger if you go unprepared.

Still, those Circuit Boards won’t make themselves, so we’ll tell you where to find pure quartz in Palworld.

Where to find Pure Quartz in Palworld

Palworld Pure Quartz

Pure Quartz is all over the Astral Mountains in the northern section of the map. This mountainous region contains Pals from Levels 35 all the way up to the maximum Level 50, so if you’re not ready to take them on you should avoid getting into fights.

Pure Quartz looks similar to ore and coal lumps, but it has white crystalline lumps coming out of it. Mining it with any tier of pickaxe will have you harvesting plenty of quartz in no time. If you find a spot with a lot of quartz close together, you can follow the steps in our ore farm guide linked above to mine it automatically.