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Is your battle station fully operational and itching for some great games to run? Well, Not-E3 2023’s PC Gaming Show may have just the thing for you – from indies to established industry names, this event will showcase which video games could grace your PC with their presence in 2023 and well beyond.

With over 50 announced and unannounced games being present at the show, there is bound to be something for everyone, truly showcasing the unrivaled variety of PC as a gaming platform. Former StarCraft pro gamer turned streamer Sean “Day[9]” Plott and experienced gaming host Frankie Ward will lead you through the event, presenting trailers, announcements, and interviews with developers.

Here’s everything you need to know about the PC Gaming Show 2023 start times and where to watch the event.

PC Gaming Show 2023: start times

The PC Gaming Show 2023 begins on June 11, 2023, at 1pm PT. Here’s a breakdown of the start times for all time zones:

  • June 11, 1pm PT
  • June 11, 3pm CT
  • June 11, 4pm ET
  • June 11, 9pm BST
  • June 11, 10pm CEST
  • June 12, 1:30am IST
  • June 12, 4am CST
  • June 12, 5am KST/JST
  • June 12, 6am AEST
  • June 12, 8am NZST

PC Gaming Show 2023: where to watch

You’ll be able to watch the PC Gaming Show 2023 on PCGamer’s official channels on Twitch as well as YouTube.

Make sure to follow our coverage on, where you can catch up on anything you might have missed.