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Teddie is your guide to the Midnight Channel and one of your closest friends in Persona 4 Golden. As a party member, progressing through his social link will offer useful and often powerful abilities in combat, but thankfully it’s one of the easiest social links in the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Star Arcana social link.

Helel is one of the best late-game persona available to players, requiring players to be at level 87 to fuse it. You’ll also have to max out the Star Arcana social link by growing your friendship with party member Teddie throughout the game.

Helel’s power is based around the powerful Almighty-type attacks, but it has a weakness to Wind-type attacks, which is thankfully offset by an ability it can learn. Players should still equip Wind negating accessories if they want to use it before level 91. Helel is probably the strongest persona in the game, with one resistance, three nullifications, and only one weakness that can eventually be turned into a repel.

Here are the moves Helel learns:

  • Start - God’s Hand
  • Start - Maragidyne
  • Start - Megidolaon
  • Level 88 - Salvation
  • Level 90 - Insta-Heal
  • Level 91 - Repel Wind
  • Level 92 - Arms Master
  • Level 94 - Morning Star

Teddie’s Star Arcana social link starts automatically on June 24. It’s activated by a story sequence, so players won’t have to go out of their way to get started.

The Star Arcana social link is automatically ranked up throughout the story so it’s not possible to miss out on unlocking Helel and Teddie’s ultimate Persona, Kamui.

Because the Star Arcana social link ranks up automatically, there are no dialogue choices to be made to level up Teddie’s rank. Instead, here are the days on which the Star Arcana social link will automatically rank up:

  • Rank 1 - June 24
  • Rank 2 - Clear Marukyu Striptease
  • Rank 3 - July 26
  • Rank 4 - Clear Void Quest
  • Rank 5 - September 8
  • Rank 6 - October 7
  • Rank 7 - October 11
  • Rank 8 - October 30
  • Rank 9 - Clear Heaven Paradise
  • Rank 10 - December 5