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This Resident Evil 2 remake mod adds an excellent retro horror twist

Fixing your camera

A new Resident Evil 2 mod overhauls Capcom’s 2019 remake and adds a bit of retro horror game flair into the mix. It’s called the RE2Classic Fixed Camera mod, which pretty much tells you what you need to know about it.

The mod, from Nexusmods user alphaZomega, re-adds the fixed camera angles Capcom used in the first three Resident Evil games and shakes up the angles compared to the original Resident Evil 2. The result is pretty slick and more efficient in terms of space, and I particularly appreciate how the angles mimic what you’d get from CCTV.

AlphaZomega also added some quality-of-life improvements to smooth out some of the inevitable wrinkles that come from turning an over-the-shoulder action game into one with fixed cameras. One of those is a laser sights option, so you can actually see where you’re aiming, and it works for every weapon that Leon and Claire can use. There’s a toggle to make collectible items flash brightly now as well, since they’re easier to miss when the camera doesn’t point them out directly.

On top of all that is an extensive set of customization options that let you control settings, positioning, and even character movement. It’s a pretty extensive package.

And seeing as Capcom probably won’t ever return to the fixed-camera, tank-style Resident Evils of old, it’s likely the only way to get that flavor of horror from the series again.