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Enshrouded roadmap promises farming, pets, and rainy days

With tombstones as well

Keen Games released the first Enshrouded roadmap following the survival game’s recent early access launch and outlined a few features planned for 2024. The Enshrouded roadmap includes no firm release dates for any of it, though it does separate some of the particularly ambitious features – instanced dungeons, for example – into a “late 2024” category.

Before late in the year, you can expect a whole bunch of additions, ranging from Steam Deck support to new dungeons, and my personal favorite, actual townsfolk. Enshrouded is a pretty lonely game, especially considering most of the people you meet are warped by the shroud and want to kill you. Some of the NPCs will have instanced events attached to them as well.

The Enshrouded roadmap for 2024

There's plenty in store for the next few months

A vanity system is in the works, along with signs and tombstones you can edit, a mountain biome, repeatable world quests, and portals that take you to other players’ servers. Keen Games will add farming, pets, and a dynamic weather system, too.

That’s all on top of several performance updates designed to improve framerate and generally make Enshrouded look nicer.

Later in the year, the plan is to get base sharing, world events, and instanced dungeons in the game, with water – water! – and more biomes in addition to the mountains.

It’s a nice list of promises, even more so considering it’s often hit-and-miss whether early access game roadmaps actually give us a hint about what’s coming next. If you’re planning on jumping into Enshrouded, check out our guide collection to help you get started, including how to get helpful materials such as metal scraps and goo.