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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: how to evolve Feebas in Milotic

How to evolve Feebas into a Milotic in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

If you’ve ever faced Cynthia in any Pokémon game then you’ll know how much of a powerhouse Milotic can be. With high defense and the ability to heal itself on the field, a well-built Milotic can withstand even the most brutal assaults and wear down any opponent – and to think all that comes from one ugly fish.

Feebas has always been an elusive Pokémon in any game it features, often having just a 1% spawn chance in obscure locations. Things are a bit easier than that in Scarlet & Violet, but you’ll still need to put in some legwork to catch and evolve it.

There are more rare Pokémon to catch in this DLC though, so take a look at how to get a gift Shiny Munchlax in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, as well as every returning Pokémon in the Scarlet & Violet DLC.

Where to catch Feebas – The Teal Mask Pokémon DLC

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Feebas battling a Ceruledge

Head up to the Crystal Pool right at the very top of the mountain in Kitakami, then go over to the east and you’ll find a cave entrance at the base of a small ridge. Inside will be a giant hole that goes down inside the mountain.

Follow this cave down until you reach a pool of water at the base of one of the drops, this is where Feebas can spawn, both swimming on the surface and in bubbling spots below it.

How to evolve Feebas – The Teal Mask Pokémon DLC

To evolve Feebas you need to trade it while it’s holding a Prism Scale. There are three ways to get a Prism Scale in The Teal Mask:

  • Find one on a secluded shore on the eastern edge of Fellhorn Gorge (image above)
  • Register 140 Pokémon in your Kitakami Pokédex
  • Has a chance to be given as an Ogre Ousting reward on hard difficulty

Once you’ve got one, give it to Feebas to hold and trade it with someone you trust to get a Milotic.