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Medali’s gym is one of the more memorable ones in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet for a number of reasons. For one thing, gym leader Larry’s beaten-down overworked personality is one of the best in the game, but also because of a slightly obtuse puzzle that you must complete before you can battle Larry for the badge.

The puzzle tasks you with discovering what secret item to order off the menu in the Treasure Eatery. You’ll be given a clue, and then have to battle other trainers around the city to gather their clues. We’ll explain how the puzzle works and give you the solution.

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What is the secret menu item?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet treasure eatery waiter

When you first start the puzzle you’ll be given a clue about a favored seasoning. To get your answer here you need to go into the Treasure Eatery and ask the man at the back in the business suit. He’ll tell you that lemon is the answer.

Next, you need to back into town and battle some fellow students. First is a small child named Arval, who will tell you to check the odd one out at the ice cream stand. Go to the ice cream stand nearby and you’ll see Grilled Rice Balls for sale.

Then battle the girl next to the gym building called Gisela, and she’ll tell you to look for “a dark spot surrounded by stairs”. Turn around and you’ll see a series of stairs leading down to a grate. Walk up to the grate and interact with it to get your next clue: Fire Blast.

Finally, defeat Santiago for your final clue. He’ll tell you to listen closely to the blue bird. Just up the road from him, you’ll find a biker with a Squakabilly sitting on his head. Listen to the bird and it will shout “Meeydyum!”, giving you your portion size of medium.

Once you’ve got all of them, you can go to the gym and speak to the waiter by the door. Give your answers in this order:

  1. Grilled Rice Balls
  2. Medium
  3. Extra crispy, Fire Blast style
  4. Lemon

If you don’t fancy hunting for all of the clues, you can go to the Treasure Eatery immediately after starting the challenge and submit the answer.