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Redfall characters are unbelievably strong, able to carry around up to 40 weapons in their backpack at once. Just as well, as there are seven different types of weapons in the game, all of which have different uses for taking on the vampire swarm. You have your standard guns, sure, but there are a few more unique inventions out there that you’ll want to try your hand at.

We’ve put together this Redfall weapons tier list, ranking every type of weapon in the game from most to least useful.

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Redfall 02_05_2023 10_52_47
Redfall 02_05_2023 10_52_33
Redfall 02_05_2023 10_52_15
Redfall 02_05_2023 10_53_11
Redfall 02_05_2023 10_52_28
Redfall 02_05_2023 10_52_56