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Remnant 2: The Lament dial puzzle solution

How to solve the dial puzzle in The Lament area of Remnant 2
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As you fight your way through Remnant 2’s first main world, you’ll encounter a bunch of side dungeons along the way. One of them, The Lament is a tricksy place, as you’ll need to navigate a maze of arrow traps before even properly getting into the place.

The first main room you’ll find has a lot of graves with symbols, continue all the way around and you’ll find a door with a code dial in front of it. Some combination of these symbols opens that door, and you need to work out which.

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We’ll show you how to solve the symbol puzzle in The Lament in Remnant 2.

The Lament door puzzle explained – Remnant 2

Remannt 2 Lament Door puzzle symbol
Remnat 2 graves
The Remnant 2 Door puzzle dial

The Lament door puzzle reward – Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Door open
Remnant 2 Blood Tinged Ring