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Remnant 2: where to find the key in the Old Ward

The Old Ward key location in Remnant 2

After you’ve completed the intro sequence for Remnant 2, you’ll be taken down in the Old Ward with Ford. This is an entirely narrative-focused sequence, but you will need to solve a quick puzzle to progress.

You’ll encounter a locked door and Ford will task you with locating the key nearby. It’s not too tricky to find, but it’s not obvious as first glance where to look, so we’ll show you where to find the Old Ward key.

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The Old Ward key location – Remnant 2

Remnat 2 checking behind the painting

Ford will take you upstairs to an abandoned lounge/kitchen area above the locked door and ask you to look for the key. A quick lap of the place will reveal that only one object can be interacted with, the painting on the wall.

Take it down and you’ll find the key, which you can then take downstairs and use to continue the story.