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Skull and Bones: where to get the Pyromaniac Sambuk ship blueprint

Where to get the blueprint for the Pyromaiac Sambuk ship in Skull and Bones

We don’t blame you if you looked simply at the name of the Pyromaniac Sambuk and immediately decided you needed to build one as soon as possible. The Sambuk is one of the most expensive ships in the game though, with a full-on focus on DPS, specializing in burning damage – although it is a bit of a glass cannon.

We’ll tell you where to get the Pyromaniac Sambuk blueprint and how to build it for your fleet.

Pyromaniac Sambuk blueprint location in Skull and Bones

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The Pyromaniac Sambuk is available to purchase from the black market and the Helm. If you haven’t unlocked the black market yet that just means you need to increase your infamy rank to reach it.

The Sambuk takes a lot of work to get your hands on though as you need to be at least Cutthroat infamy rank to buy it, and the blueprint costs 5000 Pieces of Eight; a currency that can only be earned through completing challenging black market-related tasks. Still, it’s worth it for the havoc it can wreak.

How to build the Pyromaniac Sambuk

Once you’ve got the blueprint, you’ll need this long this of resources to build it:

  • 15 Greenheart Plant
  • 15 Magnetite Ingot
  • 12 Roselle Cloth
  • 4 Wood Tar
  • 4 Cogwheel
  • 2 Torsion Spring
  • 1 Eel’s Twine
  • 12,000 Silver